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MGIT recently took part in the ICEF workshop held in Beijing, with 393 participants from 34 countries taking part in 3 281 pre-scheduled meetings, ICEF’s Beijing Workshop was the company’s second-largest regional workshop, and the largest event of its kind in Asia.

This workshop, which took place between 11 and 13 October 2017, had 181 educators and service providers from 121 organisations and 196 quality pre-screened agents from 142 agencies, with representatives from 34 countries across four continents. Education institutions came primarily from the USA (33%), the UK (13%), and Canada (12%), with representation from markets as diverse as Brunei, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Ireland, New Zealand, and Spain.

Mr. Malek represented MGIT at this workshop and was pleased to meet representatives from different countries and colleges. He hopes that this workshop will open doors to even more international students to get a chance to study at MGIT in Sydney.


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